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In just a few words, what does “customer engagement” mean to you if in the role of customer?

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Please list up to three proactive things that the best companies do to engage your interest and grow your loyalty?

Question #8:

Please list up to three things that most often cause companies to frustrate you as their customer?

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Use the slider below to place yourself on the scale for customer service with high touch (prefer human engagement on a personal level) or high tech (prefer online or auto-phone service).

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From the list below, please select the top 3 ways companies can best engage you to earn your loyalty.

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From the list below please indicate the 3 best ways for companies to show their responsiveness to product or service issues.

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Do you have any other comments on customer engagement that weren't captured above?

Thank you for taking this survey.  We appreciate your time and thoughts.  In a few weeks, we'll send you a summary report and if you have any questions about Oomiji, please feel free to contact us.